Nokia Imagin8 Mission

Imagin8 Mission


Imagin8 Mission is a competition that encourages you to be creative and have fun with the Nokia Imaging SDK. Whether you are an app developer or not, make use of your imagination, stand out from the crowd and you could win great prizes. Check out the Nokia Developer website for more information about the global competition:

Global Nokia Imagin8 Mission

Challenge description

Nokia brings their Imagin8 Mission also to Spaceship. So get creative with the Imaging SDK and develop something cool. By using the Imaging SDK in your solution, you can enter the local challenge. Later you can still polish the application and take part on the global Imagin8 Mission competition.


The Nokia Imaging SDK is a powerful library of exciting image manipulation tools for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

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In Spaceship you can take part in the local challenge and multiply your chances to win some awesome gadgets. By participating in the global competition you have the opportunity to gain some DVLUP experience points and find yourself on a Zero G flight!

#spaceselfie challenge

Take your picture using the spaceselfie app at Spaceship. Be creative, dress up, bring your few props and think anything galactic for your ultimate selfie. Tweet it using #spaceselfie and get a chance to win even more gadgets! If you don’t have a Windows Phone, no worries, you can use one of the demo devices at the event.