Space Apps survival package


How to find New Factory


New Factory Wireless password: DemolaProtomoSuuntaamo
Local Twitter @spaceshipfin  #spaceship14
Global Twitter @spaceapps #Spaceapps #Tampere
Local Facebook
Global Facebook

Bring your own laptops and devices with you.
We have few iMacs at your use, choose the guest account (Photoshop, InDesing etc.)
There are few other devices available, ask from info desk if in need.

Registration opens on Friday 11th at 3pm (3rd floor)
Kick-off with NASA greetings starts at 5pm (4th floor)

How to get started and live thru the weekend?

  1. Check out the challenges and pick your favorite
  2. Unique local challenges with great prizes:
  3. Challenge Hackpads: Each challenge has its own Hackpad document to collaborate with others, self organize, or share important data.
  4. Building a team or looking for one to join? Forming of teams ahead of the event is welcome/encouraged. Feel free to create a matchmaking section at the bottom of the challenge Hackpad document to help in gathering great minds together!
  5. Creating projects: On Friday log in on the space apps website and create your own/ teams project. Your project page is the tool for submitting your solutions and code for judging.
  6. Remember to eat, enjoy energy drinks and have fun in the middle!
  7. Project submission on Sunday:
    1. Include the names of participants and their locations
    2. Submit as much information showcasing your project onto the Project Page on the Space Apps Website
    3. Brief Description of the solutions
    4. Photos, videos, links, etc to show/present their projects
    5. Make sure enough information is uploaded to help your chances when being judged by the Global Judges
    6. Here are examples of project pages from 2013


Participants who have written code must link to it (and identify an open source license) in order to be eligible for global judging. Include every detail and info so that judges will have a clear picture of your solution.

  1. Presentation on the projects: Every team has max. 5 minute pitching time on the main stage in front of the local jury. Include the challenge name, team name, use visualization, paint a clear picture of the solution and dazzle the audience with your global collaboration skills. Check the judging criteria to see what the jury likes.
  2. Judging criteria: Global collaboration, sustainability, innovativeness, presentation, product/ concept
  3. Global Judging:  Each local event can nominate two projects to advance to global judging in one of five categories:
    1. Best Use of Data
    2. Best Use of Hardware
    3. Best Mission Concept
    4. Galactic Impact
    5. Most Inspiring

In addition, the local public can vote for the People’s Choice winner to proceed to the global online voting.

  1. Global nominees from Tampere must include a short (30 second) video on their project pages by Thursday, April 17th in order to remain in the running for a global award.

The video should be aimed to give the global judges an overview of the project in a quick manner.
Remember to share progress, feelings, pictures and videos in social media!!!

Premises and practicalities
You are as a guest in the premises so handle everything accordingly.
You can use the premises 24/7 by informing the info desk when registering on site.   

Outside door is open

Friday 7-21
Saturday 9-18
Sunday 9-18

Make sure you don’t leave yourself out. If you want to go for a cigarette, leave something between the door. If you still get locked outside, call the info desk phone:  +358 40 823 5371

Info desk is open for any questions you might have as follows:

Friday 15-00
Saturday 9-20
Sunday 9-15


Are you staying for the night? When you register on site, let the info desk people know so we will give you further instructions. If you want to stay the night, note that the info desk is closed from 00-09 and the doors have to stay closed. Take your sleeping bags & pillows with you.

Toilet paper: if toilet paper runs out, take refill from the shelf opposite toilet doors.

Self-service coffee & tea is provided for you for free. Clean as you go and use the dishwasher as instructed in the kitchen.
We will provide you a small complimentary breakfast, free coffee & tea, some energy drinks and one meal per day. With Spaceship badge, you’ll get discounts from Taj -15% and Pala Cafe -15%

Parking isn’t unfortunately allowed at Väinö Linnan aukio. You can park your car in some of the nearby parking halls:


Don’t forget the Space Bowling party on Saturday by Futurice!
Separate registration and info at

Event program


See you soon!

-Spaceship crew